The Cost and Vulnerability of the Energy Transition and Finding the Solution

Demand and Supply

As consumers and customers, we are hearing from car dealers and manufacturers that there are delays for almost all models (no chips, sorry), with resulting price increases (supply shortages, and the cheapest Tesla Model 3 is now at $46,999 (1). Not very cheap.

Bloomberg NEF figures (4)

Processing and Manufacturing

The total GHG emissions from material production increased 120% from 1995 to 2015, to 11 Gigatonnes, with a global share of 23% (6). Iron and steel production is the highest polluter (31%). Then, cement, lime, and plaster production (24%) and rubber and plastics with an additional 13%.

IEA and World Bank statistics on manufacturing sector direct carbon emissions share over time
Bloomberg- how the semicon manufacturers are worse polluters than automotive

Part of the solution

Disruptors, ready to make an impact by collaborating

What’s ahead?

The geopolitics, markets, and policies are hard to read. The coming years will probably see a substantial investment wave on infrastructure and assets.

  • Capital projects mostly have an overrun on time and budget.
  • Schedule delay: 6–24 months, based on 427 major projects data.
  • The schedule delays share is 52% of the original schedule.
  • The average cost overrun: 1.21 billion $, based on 532 major projects data.
  • The cost overruns are 79% of the original budget.



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Mika Tienhaara

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