Good morning! New week — new possibilities.

Let’s get to work and do some serious change. This week again.

The working weeks are intense with a lot of actions and activities, it is typically quite intense for startups and scaleups. In the weekends I spend my time around my family (these days really no other option…), being outdoor, cooking and relaxing. It gives me time to also have time to think on our strategy and other topics around the big idea. I can adhere our challenges and upcoming activities to our mission.

I feel that the weekends are a bit like breathing oxygen and then on Mondays it is time to use this on finding measures to halt and reduce the carbon foot print from the industries we are working with. We have an important mission in the times of energy transition and working to help our customers and the industries becoming carbon neutral, with critical data that also reduces operational uncertainties, risks and costs.

We need to scaleup the production of alternative and renewable energies. We have to change our whole value chains and act fast to make operational environments of ongoing oil & gas efficient — sensor technology and artificial intelligence are key areas to support energy and resource efficiency. We have developed a unique solution with our intelligent hardware, providing key insights and value enabling the transition.

Handling the reduction of GHG emissions from the source and at the same time support the efforts with post-treatment, like carbon capture and storage, having a smaller burden to carry (in terms of volume for treatment and storage) are key efforts. A 10% production efficiency results in 4% less emission intensity and reducing the energy input saving about 20% of the energy usage has a value of 10 B$ for the upstream oil and gas*. As one of the largest industrial sources for carbon emissions, we need to act and make the operations more efficient.

Then again, we have a new Monday morning and we all get going again. With determination and solutions to make our planet greener and towards a net-zero future. This cannot wait.

*P. Gagett, S. Hall and S.Kar, 2019, McKinsey & Company, “Toward a net-zero future”.



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