Future of Mobility — My Own Journey

On my various channels (Medium, Substack, YouTube, LinkedIn) I am pursuing the potential answers for the future of mobility, that definitely goes hand-in-hand with the future of energy. The answer to those two questions are so closely linked to each other!

During this year I have launched my various channels and initiated my podcast show, with invited guests on mobility, automotive, energy, entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is evident that these times are having a high rate of change with a lot of opportunities (listen to my podcast and you will learn why and how).

As such, with the vaccines being rolled out and the European countries looking to open up late summer/early fall, I am planning to go on a European road trip, discovering more of the “future”.

On one level it is to get the “birthday boy”, my 30-year anniversary celebrating Porsche 944 S2 back to its’ birthplace in Germany any beyond, but on another level, I intend to meet with a variety of people shaping the future of mobility and energy, as well as being innovators.

My trip I plan to travel through Germany, Italy, Croatia and Austria, visiting companies and interviewing people. Stay tuned for more information later!

Perhaps you have some suggestions on people I should meet? Please let me know.

Below you can find links to my channels.

Future of Energy: https://energymika.substack.com/

Future of Mobility: https://mikacars.substack.com/

See Beyond Podcast and blog: https://mikatienhaara.substack.com/

Actually the podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple, plus most of the other relevant podcast platforms.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxlIxaNpZ_JNXIQjVEbG5g

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