Throughout my career I have had the fortunes of both establishing and scaling up companies together with others. This has learnt me a lot, built my character and taught me a. highly hands-on operating model creating my own successful playbook to make a startup great.

I have also been advising a bunch (50+…) of startups from various sectors, phases, B2C/B2B and countries, which I also find rewarding in what I have learnt from other founders, entrepreneurs and from a variety of businesses.

Most recently I was moderating a startup event* panel with a strong investor, entrepreneur and advisor background. Here…

On my various channels (Medium, Substack, YouTube, LinkedIn) I am pursuing the potential answers for the future of mobility, that definitely goes hand-in-hand with the future of energy. The answer to those two questions are so closely linked to each other!

During this year I have launched my various channels and initiated my podcast show, with invited guests on mobility, automotive, energy, entrepreneurship and innovation.

It is evident that these times are having a high rate of change with a lot of opportunities (listen to my podcast and you will learn why and how).

As such, with the vaccines being…

A startup is not finished with the MVP…

A startup journey is both exciting and exhausting. It helps to have a vision and overall plan with your co-founders from the start. Are you going to develop IP/technology only and then trying to take an exit? Do you want to run user tests developing an MVP, to show that there is market interest? Or do you want to go full in — going commercial, determined to scale-up and grow your beachhead market and be the leaders. …

Startup Pitchiccato #2

I have as an entrepreneur been fortunate to work with a lot of exciting and skilled people around the globe, that has allowed me to develop and understand the mentalities in business and innovation around Europe, Asia and the Americas, as well as parts of Africa.

In Europe I have the feeling that we have for a long time got stuck in perfecting the Product, this needs to be in full harmony to have the trust and support of stakeholders (the Doctor of Technology’s voice); while the pendulum might hit the other extreme in the United States…

China is the most important car market in the world, according to Prof. Dudenhöffer.

Not without controversy, but this market is highly important in terms of business, innovation and growth with an impact for many sectors.

Forty years ago the Chinese government put the automotive industry on their strategic map, according to the CAR Symposium reporting from the Auto Shanghai.

National automotive companies over time were allowed to form joint ventures with international companies. This has increased their own knowledge to build the national brands, companies and technology.

The automotive industry is rapidly changing, even with more and more stringent…

Thanks for sharing - these are two important parts of the story, that you need to describe/tell with the pitchdeck that should be short and concise. With these two elements + the rest you should get multiple confirmations on that the startup is the right one (or not).

See Beyond — Future of Mobility #2

The pandemic is still with us and based on level of vaccination and infection rates countries will be in various phases of opening up or planning to open up the countries.

The Ox represents diligence, persistence and honesty. We have all had to show persistence under challenging conditions. This year should be positive and productive, if you put down some hard work. It sounds promising but we have had to endure tough times.

Most of us are still waiting to blend virtual meetings with face-to-face time, travel — now we can look at…

Technology is today disrupting virtually all our established businesses with a big effect on our society. The future of mobility is being shaped alongside the energy transition occurring. Energy and distribution systems are changed; digitalization, carbon neutral energy production, battery storage, autonomous drive and car sharing are only a few things taking place.

What is happening to our affinity to cars and ownership. What can we expect from this transformation?

As part of my podcast*, I will also dedicate attention to the Future of Mobility as well as Future of Energy — calling it “Future of X”. This is driven…

Attracting investors for your growth and success.

As an entrepreneur with your startup company you might find yourself once or many times pitching for investors. Getting to the scene — the board room (or similar) — to pitch is already a good first step.

// These days the pitching takes place virtually and getting a specific investors interest probably comes from you participating at some kind of pitch event with multiple startups and a large audience of investors. //

But getting this far, you should not stop at this point. Ensure that you have an excellent pitchdeck that attracts the…

I was asked this question today.

That put me thinking -

Of course, the past year has been transformative in terms of work. Now we are zooming all day, working remotely. What will happen when we have our vaccinations and we open up our borders and societies. Mass travel? No travel? Or a blend of zooming, traveling and office work?

Well, there are probably many, many versions to the answer to this and only time will tell.

But one answer we probably all have prepared — where will you travel first?

Perhaps you will just stay where you are, even…

Mika Tienhaara

Serial entrepreneur building globally leading B2B companies. Award-winning innovator with more than 20 technologies commercialized.

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